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GEM News

New High-Performance GEMPAK5060 Package Released

GEM Services has released the GEMPAK5060 package, an advanced lead-less package with a SO-8 footprint and an exposed die-pad to improve thermal and electrical performance. Conceived in the era of small, single digit milli-ohm die, the package was designed with inherent high current capability, and uses proprietary low resistance connections from the pins to the die. By using lead-less technology to increase footprint utilization, the die size capability is also increased over a SO-8 package. The package is 5.15 mm X 6.15 mm with a profile of only 1.05 mm.

The GEMPAK5060 is the first of a family of devices to use this proprietary lead-less design. Other packages in development include smaller versions and versions that will accommodate multiple die.


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