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GEM News

GEM Services, Inc. Releases Lead-Free Plating Process

Shanghai, China, December 14, 2002-GEM Services, Inc., a multinational semiconductor assembly and test contractor, has released a totally lead-free plating process for its line of power management packages. Eliminating lead from packages such as the TO-252 DPak allows its customers to comply with the latest environmental rules with no in-house development costs. 

The new process uses tin plating for the leads and passes all solderability tests, allowing improved environmental standards with no decrease in reliability or manufacturability of the end product. GEM has qualified this process with several key accounts and is shipping 100% of production lead-free for two key accounts.

The elimination of lead from all consumer and industrial electronics is a high priority due to the short lifetime of modern electronic items, such as personal computers. A high quantity of computers are simply thrown out everyday, and are buried in landfills. If this trend continues, and if these products contain lead, then contamination of ground water could occur. By developing this lead-free process, GEM has created a simple means for manufacturers to become compliant with new regulations and to help protect the environment.

Founded in 1998, GEM provides total outsourcing of semiconductor assembly and test. Specializing in small-outline packages for power semiconductors, GEM Services provides both industry standard and proprietary space-saving packages for the power management market.

GEM Services, Inc. is a privately held company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with sales offices, logistics centers and wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiaries in North America and Asia.

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