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GEM News

GEM Services, Inc. Announces Wafer Probing Capability

Shanghai, China, December 1, 2002-GEM Services, Inc., a multinational semiconductor assembly and test contractor, has added wafer probing capability to its outsourcing services. 

This capability allows GEM's customers to outsource even more of their manufacturing and eliminates the need for any in-house testing capability. It is particularly advantageous for customers using a wafer foundry for wafer manufacturing as foundries seldom provide adequate wafer probing services. With this service provided by GEM, customers can ship wafers directly from the wafer foundry to GEM, who then ships fully tested finished goods to the customer's warehouse.

Founded in 1998, GEM provides total outsourcing of semiconductor assembly and test. Specializing in small-outline packages for power semiconductors, GEM Services provides both industry standard and proprietary space-saving packages for the power management market.

GEM Services, Inc. is a privately held company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with sales offices, logistics centers and wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiaries in North America and Asia.


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