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GEM News - July 2007

GEM Services Opens Facility in Hefei, China

GEM Services today announced that they have started shipping products from their new facility in Hefei, Anhui Province, China. This new facility will complement existing facilities and add significant capacity for high volume packages. Further adjacent land is reserved for future expansion, ensuring GEM has expansion capability to meet its plans into the next decade.

The Hefei area has a plentiful supply of qualified line operators and engineers, which was a critical factor used to make the decision to locate a new facility in Hefei. Staff from Hefei will work closely with experienced staff in Shanghai to utilize existing expertise within GEM and to increase the resources available for new product development.

The new facility includes over eleven thousand square meters of clean room area, and will be used for capacity expansion of existing packages. The facility will also be used to receive some lines transferred from GEM Shanghai to free space in Shanghai for new technologies, which may, in turn, be transferred to Hefei at a later date. Having the area available for expansion means that GEM is able to receive complete manufacturing lines transferred from customers and run them as captive lines for those customers.


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