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GEM News - October 2006

GEM Services Acquires Facility in Taiwan

GEM Services announced that they have finalized acquisition of an existing packaging outsourcing provider in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The factory will become part of the GEM group and operate in parallel with the other facilities, using the same sales offices. The new facility also brings exciting complementary packages to the GEM product line such as the TO-220 package and the fully molded/insulated TO-220CFM.

The facility will add a valuable service of providing fast assembly cycles for customers with wafer fabrication and logistics centers in Taiwan. By performing assembly and test in the same country as the wafer fab, significant shipping and customs delays are eliminated. This service will be provided alongside the high capacity of other factories in the GEM group to provide both fast turns service for lower volumes and high volume options to its customers.

In the next few years there will be a significant technology interchange with the other facilities of GEM. Some packages will be transferred to GEM Kaohsiung to provide multi-facility capability for customers and some packages built today only at GEM Kaohsiung, will also be built at other facilities in higher volumes with associated cost savings. In this manner GEM can provide high volume cost-effective industry standard packages, fast turns and multi-sourced proprietary packages.

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